What is Digital Signage?

Have you ever been in a airport, hotel, retail store or restaurant and seen TV's displaying information or specials? That is digital signage.  Digital signage can be used for 1000's of reasons to help promote your business, idea, brand, prices or upcoming events.  Give your customers a chance to see what you offer. 



time out coffee menuThat look expensive!

You would be surprised on how inexpensive everything is. Your largest expense would be the TV or TV's, however you can find those on sale at almost any electronic store. The size of the TV needed would be determined on how far away the screen would be from your viewing audience. Each TV would require a digital signage box which is around $200. This box will use your wireless internet to download and display your advertisements onto the screen. Having it wireless will allow changes to be made and quickly pushed to them.  The service itself has a price range that is dependant on how many display you would have.


How do I get more information?

Easy, just contact Seek Your Geek and we can discuss all the options with you and come up with a plan to get you digital.