Most business leaders today understand that office technologies (like email, web sites and e-newsletters) are critically important to everyday business operations. More technology-centric businesses employ their own technical staff to build, deploy and support software that is a unique part of their business.

Regardless of your level of IT sophistication, the management and support of business infrastructure (servers, network, workstations, firewalls, laptops, mobile devices, and office applications) is likely not, and should not be, a core competency.

There are a number of excellent reasons to outsource the technical support for your Northern Illinois/Southern Wisconsin business. Our team can be on-call for your needs on whatever schedule works best for you, whether it's at an hourly rate, or as part of an ongoing IT management agreement. Our experienced technicians specialize in technical support, and are proficient in the maintenance needs of in-house and hosted applications, such as Exchange servers, SharePoint, Microsoft Office applications, and other offerings.

Seek Your Geek knows that in a tech-savvy area like yours, increasingly sophisticated users mean that when tech support is needed, it's often for issues that require expert knowledge and skills. Our technicians' skill sets complement each other; when one of our clients calls in with an issue, they have the benefit of an entire IT staff's problem-solving skills, which often surpasses the limited scope of an in-house tech support. Having an IT outsourcing arrangement also means that cost can be minimized-you only pay for what you need, if you're on an hourly plan, or you're guaranteed an unlimited number of hours of technical support for a monthly fee on one of our IT management service agreements.

These are some of the most compelling reasons that our clients seek out and appreciate our approach to IT outsourcing:

Business focus

Letting us handle your technology needs will free you up to concentrate on the larger concerns of running your business.

Risk Management

New technology can be inherently risky, but IT outsourcing means that your company benefits from the range of experience, documentation procedures, and expert technicians who are prepared to meet the needs of various clients.

Quality of Service

An IT management firm can provide a single point of contact to get anything technical done for your company-whether it's a network issue that can be dealt with directly, or whether third-party vendors will be contacted on your behalf for telephone or ISP issues.


Our staff of technicians has a range of different skill sets. Our clients benefit from our experience providing tech support across diverse companies and technologies.


Technical support can be hired on an hourly basis to address specific concerns, or an IT management services agreement can be arranged to keep monthly costs stable, regardless of the number of hours put in over a time period.